Producer Andy Johnson

As knob-twiddlers go, Andy Johnson is up there with the best of them….whoever ‘them’ are. Born 50 years ago at a very young age, Andy was always tall. In fact, as a teenager, he was the first to reach puberty without the aid of a ladder.
Always interested in music, he records, plays and listens to his eclectic mix on his electric mix…er. An aficionado of the 80s in particular, his knowledge is near psychotic standard and he will happily tell you how many weeks ‘The Frog Chorus’ was in the charts before you have chance to run away.
Tee-total, it seems ironic that Andy is addicted to Bucks Fizz, for which there is no known cure.
Very much a man for detail, Andy possesses more Excel spreadsheets than Microsoft and can confidently be diagnosed with OCD…E, F & G.
A guitarist, singer, professional pedant and creator of the Retro Charts, Andy shuns the limelight (but not the moonlight, which he blames on the boogie) and prefers being behind the scenes. Fortunately, when working behind the scenes, he leaves off his trademark Hi-Viz vest.
Passionate about his knob-twiddling duties, being Nicey to Mark’s Smashie, this producer can never be accused of having ideas above his station; this station being NNBC 106.9