Presenter Liam Howley

Hello! I’m Liam Howley and I’m here to keep you company every Saturday afternoon from 2 until 5. Every show features local news, local sport, and plenty of cracking tunes. Tune in also for the ‘single of the week’ and ‘guess the year’ – Two tracks from the chart, ‘on this day’ – but in which year?

Born and raised in Northampton, I’m very pleased to be part of 106.9 NNBC and have the absolute pleasure of presenting to all of you in the town (and beyond!) Aside from being a music fan, I have an interest (and degree) in history. I’m also currently studying for a qualification in law. Don’t let that put you off tuning in!

Do you have a song you want to hear? Do you have a story to tell? Please get in touch –