Presenter Rob Powell

Originally from the borders of Birmingham and The Black Country I don’t seem to have bought the accent with me, I’ve lived in Northampton for about 10 of the last 15 or so years.

Music is a huge passion of mine and after starting a blog in 2012 reviewing my gig-a-month year of 2011, it took on a life of its own as I began to share the tsunami of new and largely independent music coming at me from all directions. Itching to put together a radio show of some sort, I settled for using the tools available and the world-wide web to create Band of Badgers Presents. Why Badgers? Well, why not, I thought. This show is a podcast of mostly indie, often unsigned talent spanning many genres and I’m now nearing my hundredth edition. It is music that sadly doesn’t make it onto the mainstream airwaves but is nevertheless top quality hard work that deserves to be heard.

It will be brilliant to be able to bring some of this exciting independent music – old and new – to you via NNBC, including a healthy focus on the incredible local talent Northampton and the surrounding areas have to offer. There’ll be plenty of established artists and classics in the mix too as well as features like Album of the Month, One Hit Wonder of the Week and much more.

As well as enjoying all things music including live music and festivals, I also love history and read as widely as I can with particular interests in the writings of The Beat Generation, the genre of fantasy and anything that is a little bit out there. Catch my Friday evening show every week from 7-10PM.