Social enterprise

by | May 4, 2016 |

NNBC will operate as social Enterprise and exists solely for the benefit of those who live, learn, work and play in Northampton

NNBC will support local groups and organisations through promotion, advocacy and take forward initiatives with local groups that positively affect everyone in the community.

NNBC will seek to inspire local people, organisations and charities to make a difference in the community.

NNBC will always broadcast useful information of a social nature provided by Local Authorities and other Public Services and we will seek out and support local all business and social initiatives that help the local business community to develop and grow.

NNBC will always inform its audience through local news bulletins or within programmes new job opportunities in the area and will work with local schools and colleges and to schedule work experience places for those who will benefit most from such an experience.

NNBC will promote social inclusion by seeking to understand and positively promote different cultures and lifestyles in the town.

NNBC will champion the missions of various non-profit groups and take on initiatives throughout the year that positively affect everyone in the community.

 Our Social Enterprise Commitments To Northampton

NNBC will be part of the social and economic growth of Northampton by becoming a fully accessible and inclusive community radio focussed entirely on the mainstream adult population living in the town.

NNBC will provide a daily intelligent mix of well-produced local news, current affairs, local information and music, delivered by knowledgeable local presenters, local contributors and students.

NNBC will give a voice to the opinions of our community. We will facilitate discussions on the most important and locally relevant issues. We will actively seek to involve Northamptonians in the setting of the agenda for news and current affairs.

NNBC will become a “hub”, a focal point for our community’s social media. We will foreshadow the future primary role of community radio to become the “connector” for social media in an identifiable community.

NNBC has developed a strategic partnership with the University of Northampton. This means education and training will be an everyday activity of the radio station. NNBC will develop skills in journalism, presentation, marketing, web content creation, media sales and engineering.